The Heritage Collection

The coruscating silver ornaments in our heritage collection hold the fragrance of our rich Indian culture and century-old traditions. As a symbol of prestige, wealth and esteem for Indian women, silver jewellery has always augmented their feminine beauty and served as a status symbol for royals since time immemorial. Our heritage collection encapsulates the sterling silver accessories that highlight the women’s personality and enhance their elegance by leaps and bounds. Each of our jewelry pieces unravels the layers of history and reflects the opulence of Royals and their rich lifestyle. Have a look at the intricate designs and fine detailing of our accessories, and you will know what wonders our skilled craftsmanship can do. If you want to soak yourself in regality, then buy some splendid creations from the house of Chokhahaar for your personal embellishment and represent the abundant beauty of our culture.