About Us

Behind every story, there lies a magical beginning and ours sets forth from the land of kings and queens- Rajasthan. Our intriguing journey through the dust and sand started from the city of lakes, Udaipur that is widely known for its cultural heritage, rich traditions, anecdotes of bejeweled royal palaces, and unique craftsmanship. Embarking the stepping stone, Chokhahaar was established in 2019 and bloomed out of ‘Silver Art Palace’ that has its unwavering roots firmly grounded in the world of silver jewelry since its inception in 1980. Silver Art Palace has built a reputation of itself with years of trust amongst its elite customers and also backed up by famous celebrity clientele.
Chokhahaar has got its name from the word ‘Chokha’ which means ‘the best’ in Marwari, the local dialect in Rajasthan, and ‘Haar’ personifies jewelry. Ever since Chokhahaar is born with a silver spoon, it is upholding the legacy by creating sterling silver jewelry that brings a bundle of joy to everyone who wears it and never fails to become a family heirloom. Our impressive assortment of silver accessories features earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and bangles that genuinely inspire, accentuate the beauty, and makes the wearer look and feel confident than ever.
Scrupulously weaved with historical conventions and deep-rooted emotions, every piece of silver jewelry in our timeless collection is meticulously handcrafted by artistic craftsmen with immense finesse and perfection. Personifying the heritage of Silver Art Palace that has always served affluent families and celebrities, Chokhahaar is bringing signature magnificent pieces of silver accessories that harmonize classical traditions with modern interpretations of aesthetics and techniques. Today, we have become a well-recognized and highly trusted online store for exquisite and sumptuous pieces of silver jewelry that are exclusively designed for women with state-of-the-art choices and luxurious lifestyle. In our jewelry designs, you will always find the unforgettable fragrance of Indian traditions with a glorious blend of modernity that perfectly resonates with the finest quality, great value, skill, and expertise.
As we hail from a city that spews regal elegance and grace, our craft is inspired by age-old jewelry-making techniques and classic art. Discover our collection that holds an ethereal charm and will serve as an eternal companion to your outfit, thereby making you look like a million bucks wherever you go. Venture into the world of Chokhahaar where you will find visually appealing silver accessories that are pleasantly wrapped and adorned with scintillating gemstones. Our jewelry is suitable for all seasons, celebrations, and festivities, and we hope you will experience immense happiness wearing our pieces as much as we felt whilst designing them.
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