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Since ancient times silver has always been one of the most preferred metals to create coins, decorative items, artifacts, jewelry, table wares for royal and affluent families. Its appealing luster and scintillating shine are enough to startle people. Keeping the historical essence and Indian traditions in the mind, Chokhahaar has come up with the immaculate silver articles that will make your days as bright as they are. From pooja thal, kumkum box to incense stick holder, and jewelry box, here you will get exactly what you need to add some extra glamour and luxe to your everyday life. Who doesn’t want to experience royalty? Well, if you want to bask in the glory of opulence, then use silver articles created by our expert artisans who are based in Rajasthan and understand this land’s century-old craftsmanship and art. Make these beauties part of your life and feel the grandiosity every moment.

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