Silver Articles: Exhibiting the Untold Anecdotes of Royalty and Historical Craftsmanship

Silver Articles: Exhibiting the Untold Anecdotes of Royalty and Historical Craftsmanship


Since childhood, Rajasthan's brave battles of fierce kings and queens remind us of our rich Indian history and traditions. Not only this, we have literally grown up listening to their royal and affluent lifestyles in majestic palaces. Talking about the Maharajahs’ opulence and grandeur, we cannot afford to mention the glorious treasures that our country had back in those times.


India was one of the richest countries before British Rule, and so there’s no exaggeration to say that silver was extensively used to create precious jewelry, cultural artifacts, cutlery, and vintage items with aesthetic designs. For several centuries, this ever shining metal has been used to make silver articles. These splendid beauties are not only known for their timeless charm but also for their lavish mark in history.

Keeping the flames of our legendary culture alive, Chokhahaar has come up with an exclusive collection of silver articles for gifts that you can present to your loved ones on significant occasions and festivals. These silver articles gifts are meticulously created by skilled artisans to complement your swanky and luxurious lifestyle. The fine detailing and intricate designs of each article perfectly reflect the great craftsmanship that India is immensely acknowledged for across the world. Buy these silver articles online from the house of Chokhahaar and take pride in your one-of-a-kind choices.

Enjoy Eternal Divine Bliss

From incense sticks holder to pooja thal, at Chokhahaar you will get impressive silver articles for pooja to perform worship and sacred religious rituals that bring positive vibes and tranquility in life. When you offer prayers to idols and deities, you need a serene environment that evokes a feeling of calmness, and these silver articles will help you create that atmosphere so that you can single-minded connect with the divine power. This 92.5 sterling silver tray has refined embossed designs that will certainly soothe your senses whenever you look at it. These silver articles for pooja have been artistically designed to please the aesthetic senses of a devotee whose morning starts with a powerful prayer of gratitude.

State-of-the-Art Treasure Trunk

We often overlook the storage of our valuable silver ornaments that may cause damage to their shine and gloss with the passage of time. If you want the extraordinary appeal of your accessories to last a lifetime, then you must keep them safely in the jewelry box or casket that is especially made to possess your exquisite silver jewelry. Take a moment and look at the beautifully embossed handcrafted silver boxes available at Chokhahaar. The stunning floral motifs sophistically carved on them will surely take you back in those times when silver jewelry caskets were used only by the ladies of royal and affluent families. Yet again, it’s time to bask in the richness of our culture with the effective use of these silver articles.

Gifts are a fundamental expression of love and respect for someone who does mean a lot to you. So, if you are in the quest for something unique that matches your classy preferences and serves as a perfect gift to a woman with substance, then look at our vast silver jewelry collection. From enchanting bracelets, earrings, necklaces to rings, bangles, and pendants, you name it and we have it in our treasure storehouse. Our scintillating jewelry redefines the set standards of beauty and makes you fall head over heels in love with it. Don’t wait anymore, and bring home an everlasting companion that will replenish your grace every day, every moment.

Post By - Jayati Roy Sharma

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