Chokhahaar - The saga of the contemporary evolution of Jewellery

Chokhahaar - The saga of the contemporary evolution of Jewellery


“Old is Gold” is not just a cliche. It depicts the perseverance of an artifact that has seen the passage of time and emerged a survivor. Its purity and magnificence speaks of the essence of the culture of bygone times. Vintage is purely an after product of this ideology and must be preserved and their timelessness can only be sung.

This is exactly where we came into existence. We knew we can never mess with the old traditional jewelry that represents our culture and that led us to the idea of sprinkling a fresh touch around the old soul of this jewelry.

Chokhahaar is a contemporary descendant to The Silver Art Palace, Udaipur that vibes with its Royal, traditional ornaments. Our jewelry design concept is nothing short of art and we would like to share some unique traits of our collections that we take pride in-

Unprecedented collection

Before stepping into the online jewelry segment, we made a comprehensive list of the doubts and fears that stump the buyers. Whether the quality will match the standards, whether the jewelry will feel the way it looks online, whether it would be delivered on time or not and a range of all such concerns have been duly addressed beforehand to create a seamless buying process for our customers. Our collection is a promise of not just quality but also of the convenience and trust. We believe in delivering our finest to you without having you compromise on the values any value shopper possesses.

We surely are coining a novel idea but our wisdom in handling jewels is absolutely time tested. Every intricacy is crafted with meticulous expertise and perfection from the artisans and craftsmen whose very life is the culture that their work neatly depicts. The sturdiness of the jewelry that you buy from Chokhahaar will sing the songs of your regal choice decades down the lane. 

Handmade and modern

One can shop the latest jewelry from anywhere, but to get the artifact that holds firmly the essence of the core culture of Rajasthan, along with blending in well with the modern day attire, is rare. We aim to deliver that rare asset. You are a fashionista, and to match this style quotient we create unique silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones in a way that matches your style the most. 

True Essence of Rajasthan across India

We firmly believe in the fact that the beauty shall never be constrained. We aim to deliver the jewelry with the true essence of Rajasthani culture across the nation. It does not matter which culture you were born in or brought up by. Our designs will embrace you as one of their own by telling its own story. We make sure the original quality jewelry with aesthetic style keeps reaching places to keep the culture living.

The tradition that is loved by the youth

Youth today knows the value and art of creating a ‘balance’, the balance between the vintage and contemporary, the balance between too much and minimalism. Keeping that demand in mind, we propose silver jewelry designs that can easily gel up with their idea of perfect in exchange for right value for money. We even allow customization to a certain extent, making it even more comfortable.

Purity and antiquity maintained

Durable material using high quality silver and stones are our key ingredients to make the jewelry that makes a statement. Be it to satiate your own demand of precious wearable or adding up to the collection of a loved one, you can trust our products to deliver the desired impact.

Our gamut comprises of charming necklaces, anklets, kadas, bracelets, antique decorative collectibles or dazzling silver earrings. Chokhahaar believes in delivering the fresh idea in the old soul tradition. We preserve the culture by making it synchronize with our style, keeping the harmony intact.

So, do not forget to upgrade your jewelry box this festive season with our amazing collection.

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