A Journey through Tides and Waves: Introducing Beyond the Ocean Collection Exclusively at Chokhahaar

A Journey through Tides and Waves: Introducing Beyond the Ocean Collection Exclusively at Chokhahaar

Swept by winds and churning with waves, the deep-blue sea has always fascinated humankind.  Just a day at the beach replenishes our soul. Imagine how wondrous it would be to feel the refreshing splash of luscious waves every day. Yes, you heard that right. The team of jewelry designers at Chokhahaar is truly a maverick and is all set to take adorable women on a mystical journey of the oceans by bringing in the elements of the ocean to their wardrobe through its brand new jewelry collection- ‘Beyond the Ocean’. Each and every accessory crafted by our proficient artisans is profoundly inspired by the majestic seabed and whimsical world of marine. Are you ready for a safe sea ride? Let’s know about the stunning pieces of ornaments that we have to offer to accentuate your style statement: 

Flower Burst Pendant: Reflecting the everlasting charm


With finely-cut flawless turquoise stones embedded in the floral motif, this exquisite rhodium-plated pure silver pendant is synonymous with sheer beauty and grace. Flowery designs have always enchanted women and girls as they represent femininity, delicacy, and a bucketful of sophistication that every glorious lady is soaked in. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble and wish to cut a dash in a party or get together, then buy this flower burst pendant to leave a lasting impression on everyone who looks at you. 

Tales of Sea Earrings: Listening to the interesting stories


The limitless ocean has a story to tell. Bring your ears close and listen to it intently. Can you hear the soothing sound of waves? Well, these earrings evoke the sense of tranquility and give you fresh summer vibes, thereby making your overall appearance look extraordinary just like a new-age princess ruling the kingdom. Wearing this exclusive piece made of blue tone turquoise and pure 92.5 silver also plated with rhodium will surely make others fall head over heels in love with your sense of style and rich taste. Want to preserve all the compliments that truly belong to you? If yes, then add this lovely pair of earrings to your jewelry casket in the blink of an eye. 

Endless Marine Bracelet: Covering Your wrists elegantly


Your delicate wrist adorned by this bracelet with diamond-shaped turquoise stones is surely that aesthetically-pleasing ornament that you need to grab eyeballs at a party. This dreamy piece of accessory is meticulously designed by our skilled craftsmen using pure silver with rhodium-plating . Wearing this mesmerizing bracelet will indeed make you feel the opulence in the most unexaggerated form. It is subtle, adds freshness to your presence, and personifies your ultimate style quotient. 

Sea Princess Ring: Making Eternal Promises 


This cabochon cut turquoise stone ring is gingerly crafted to rekindle the spirit of a princess warrior that resides within each one of you. All you need is to realize that spark, and that’s what the best accessory does. It allows you to meet your inner self that is pure, artistic, and delightful. This ornate ring captures the stunning sight of a big stone taking the center stage and other small stones are shielding it with their appealing presence. Want to glorify your facade in a unique way? Place an order for it at the drop of a hat. 

Our flamboyant collection of turquoise gemstone with greenish-blue hues will serve as a peaceful retreat this summer. It will augment the beauty of your attire while helping you recollect those refreshing beach memories and seashore ecstasy. Chokhahaar believes in bringing innovative jewelry designs to satiate the one-of-a-kind choices of modern women, and this sense of responsibility made us come up with  ‘Beyond the Oceans’. Explore the splendid accessories and buy the ones that beguile you the most.  Happy shopping!

Post By - Jayati Roy Sharma

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