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A Journey through Tides and Waves: Introducing Beyond the Ocean Collection Exclusively at Chokhahaar

Swept by winds and churning with waves, the deep-blue sea has always fascinated humankind.  Just a day at the beach replenishes our soul. Imagine how wondrous it would be to feel the refreshing splash of luscious waves every day. Yes, you heard that right. The team of jewelry designers at Chokhahaar is truly a maverick and is all set to take adorable women on a mystical journey of the oceans by bringing in the elements of the ocean to their wardrobe through its brand new jewelry collection- ‘Beyond the Ocean’. Each and every accessory crafted by our proficient artisans is profoundly inspired by the majestic seabed and whimsical world of marine. Are you ready for a safe sea ride? Let’s...

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