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Traditional Jewelry: Vintage Elegance Is the New Fad

With the fierce winds of diversity in traditions, India is one such nation that has always been eulogized for its umpteen cultures and enthusiastic cluster of festivals. An epitome of rich history, there is no wonder why women have a profound penchant for wearing traditional silver jewelry. They love to adorn themselves with enchanting pieces of silver ornaments to reflect their unique admiration and respect towards our centuries-old heritage. With evolving fashion trends, silver jewelry has taken the world by storm with its everlasting charm and grace. If you wish to buy silver jewelry online to enhance your appearance, then here we have a few picks that are worth your investment. Jaali work Jhumki It’s high time to unravel the...

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5 Types of Earrings That Serve as Armor for Women in the Game of Fashion

 A splendid pair of statement earrings will always be the reason for a woman to look exceptionally stunning and augment the beauty of her ordinary outfits. From enriching personalities to adding a dash of glamour, silver earrings have always served as an essential cog in the wheel to every modern woman’s jewelry casket. While you were in a fashion quandary as to which type of silver earring you should wear for what occasion, the proficient artisans at Chokhahaar worked their fingers to the bone to create some incredible masterpieces that will make you shine your brightest wherever you go. Let’s cut to the chase and open the bundle of joy that comes with a warning statement –‘Don’t blame if you...

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